AS212049 has a open peering policy which means we peer with every network who meets our requirements:

  • Peers must operate a Network Operations Center (NOC) reachable by email.
  • Peers may only send traffic from their own and downstream networks to us.
  • Peers must keep their IRR and registry data up to date at any time.
  • Peers must aggregate their routes to avoid routing table inflation.
  • Peers must not configure static or default routes to our endpoints.
  • Peers must enforce a strict routing policy to avoid route leaks.

Technical Information

Please note the following technical information before peering with AS212049:

  • Prefixes with invalid NEXT_HOP attribute will be filtered.
  • Prefixes with invalid RPKI will be filtered.
  • Prefixes shorter than a /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6) will be filtered
  • Prefixes with private or other invalid ASNs in AS_PATH will be filtered.
  • Prefixes pointing to well-known bogon addresses will be filtered.

Points of presence

POP IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Bandwidth
LocIX Frankfurt - 2001:7f8:f2:e1:0:21:2049:1 1 Gb/s
LocIX Dusseldorf - 2a0c:b641:701:0:a5:212:49:1 1 Gb/s
FogIXP Frankfurt - 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:2049:1 1 Gb/s
4b42 Internet Exchange Point - 2001:7f8:d0::3:3c51:1 1 Gb/s

External Information